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Ari Glass is an emerging multi-talented artist. He is widely recognized as a painter, sculptor, and designer with a bright future ahead of him. In order to portray the deep, personal and positive effect that art and art history has left on him, Glass deals with concepts such as sovereignty and independence.


He was born and raised in 1989 in Seattle. Growing up in Rainier Beach and Skyway, diverse neighborhoods of Seattle's South End, art and art history had a positive influence on him and served as a source of inspiration. Apart from the art classes he took at Franklin High School, Glass hadn’t received any other formal training until he enrolled himself at the Seattle Central College to study art.

Art Style

Throughout his life, Glass has looked up to numerous artists, but he has always stayed true to his own individual style and direction. In his art, Glass often deals with the issue of “the absurd”. As a painter, sculptor and designer, his goal is to transform the world through his innovative forms. The life in Seattle has provided him with a wealth of cultural influences to present in his art.

Exhibitions & Awards

Ari Glass had his first solo exhibition named “The Sun is Made of Gold” at 2312 Gallery in Seattle. At the CityArts 2016 Winter Art Walk Awards, his painting “Kings Day in the Rainier Valley” won first place. Since then he has won more awards.


In addition to his art projects, Ari is also working on a new music Mahasingha EP, designing clothing for his line REVERIE® “Pyramids Shall Rise” collection, and merchandise and visuals for the Graffiti Village Tour.