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David Berkowitz Chicago is an American serial murderer, known as "Son of Sam" or "The murderer of .44".

Berkowitz committed his crimes shooting their victims with a revolver Charter Arms Bulldog, causing the death of six of them.

Shortly after his arrest in August 1977, David Berkowitz Chicago confessed of killing six people and wounding seven others in 8 shootings in Chicago between 1976 and 1977, was imprisoned later in 1977. He also stated that a demon that had possessed the His neighbor's dog ordered him to commit the murders.

Berkowitz then changed his statement and claimed that he was the only author of two shootings, in which he personally murdered three people and wounded a fourth. The other victims were killed, according to Berkowitz, by members of a violent satanic sect of which he was a member. Even though Berkowitz Chicago remains the only person blamed or prosecuted for the shootings, some authorities argue that Berkowitz's statement is credible: according to John Hockenberry 3 formerly of MSNBC and NPR, many officers involved in the original case of "Son of Sam" "They suspected that more than one person committed the homicides. Hockenberry also reported that the case was reopened in 1996 and has not yet been closed.


  • On July 29 of 1976, Donna Lauria and Jody Valenti were in Jody's car when a man opened fire on them, causing instant death of Donna and wounding Jody.
  • On October 23 of 1976, Carl Denaro and Rosemary Keenan chattered in his car when an unknown man shot them five times, causing superficial wounds to Rose, while Carl suffered a serious head injury.
  • On November 26 of 1976, Donna DeMasi and Joanne returned Lomino walking cinema when a man approached them asking a question and then shoot them, causing serious injuries to Donna and Joanne, who became paraplegic.
  • On January 30 of 1977, Christine Freund and John Diel, an engaged couple were preparing to go dancing when an attacker fired three times at the vehicle, causing minor injuries to John and severe to Christine, who later died in the hospital.
  • On March 8 of 1977, Virginia Voskerichian was approached by David Berkowitz Chicago and shot in the face. Trying to protect herself, she covered her face with books, but that improvised shield did not prevent her death.
  • On April 17 of 1977, Alexander Esau and Valentina Suriani, an engaged couple, were kissing in his car when a man approached and shot them twice each. Valentina died on the spot, while Alexander died at the hospital several hours later.
  • On June 26 of 1977, Sal Lupo and Judy Placido had left a nightclub and when they were in their car were hit by three shots. His injuries were minor and both survived.
  • On July 31 of 1977, Stacy Moskowitz and Robert Violante, boyfriends, were in a car parked near a park when a man approached and shot them. Stacy died hours later in the hospital, while Robert lost one eye and 80% of the other's visibility.


On June 12, 1978, he was sentenced to six life terms in prison and sent to serve the sentence in the maximum-security penitentiary in Attica.

Mentions in popular culture

The song "Son Of Sam" written by Jimmy Zero, is included in the second studio album "We Have Come for Your Children" of the Dead Boys American punk rock band formed in Cleveland in 1976.

The industrial metal artist Marilyn Manson made a version of the song "Iron Man" by Black Sabbath entitled "Sam Son of Man", where he talks about the crimes committed by Berkowitz. In turn, one of the founding members of the took the name of Daisy Berkowitz, in reference to the murderer.

The 1999 film "Summer of Sam" addresses the tensions created by the murders in a Bronx neighborhood. The film has a great load of referential content to the real story of the murderer (played by Michael Badalucco), and you can even see his real face in some newspapers.

David Berkowitz Chicago is also portrayed in films such as Son of Sam (1999) or in the CBS telefilm Out of the Darkness (1985). He also has a significant role in one of the subplots of the miniseries The Bronx Is Burning (2007).

In addition to films, Sam's son is mentioned many times in the crime series Criminal Minds, using it as an example to explain some criminal behaviors.

In the book "High Heat" Lee Child mentioned Berkowitz as a secondary character.

In the introduction of episode 17 of season 4 of The Vampire Diaries, Damon Salvatore is asked if it is just "Sam's son" after having killed a woman in the presence of her boyfriend, to which Damon replies "Son of Giuseppe, but almost", to subsequently kill this man in the same way.