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assumptions: aprox 400000 cars each car needs to refuel once a week each gas station is open 10 hours a day and refuels 10 cars an hour There are enough stations to refuel all cars once per week

Calculation: cars that can be fueled by 1 station in 1 week 10*10*7=700 number of gas stations (rounded up): ceil(400000/700)=572

A slightly different approach:

  • aprox 300 mln cars in US (1 car per each citizen).
  • each station is open 12hr a day, has 6 places for taking fuel, each fueling takes about 6 min

Amount of cars using given gas station daily: <math>6 * 12 * \frac{60}{6} = 6 * 120 = 720 </math>

Gas station (at least in Europe) are used always used, so: <math>\frac{300 000 000}{720} \approx 333 000</math> gas stations.