Stony Brook Algorithm Repository

Algorithm Implementations in Python

Python Standard Library (10)

Dictionaries, Priority Queues, Set Data Structures, Sorting

luigi (9)

Job Scheduling

pygtrie (8)

Suffix Trees and Arrays

cudamat (8)

Solving Linear Equations

scipy (8)

Bandwidth Reduction

pulp (8)

Linear Programming

mpmath (8)

Arbitrary-Precision Arithmetic

pysparnn (8)

Nearest Neighbor Search, Range Search

fuzzywuzzy (8)

String Matching, Approximate String Matching, Longest Common Substring/Subsequence

networkx (7)

Graph Data Structures

simanneal (7)

Constrained and Unconstrained Optimization

libnum (7)

Factoring and Primality Testing

lopq (7)

Nearest Neighbor Search

cryptography (7)


transitions (7)

Finite State Machine Minimization

PyMaxflow (6)

Network Flow

tsp-solver (6)

Traveling Salesman Problem

Delaunay_Triangulation (6)

Voronoi Diagrams

setcover (6)

Set Cover, Set Packing

SetCoverPy (6)

Set Cover, Set Packing

chinese-postman (5)

Eulerian Cycle/Chinese Postman

pymag-trees (5)

Drawing Trees

MaxIndependentSet (5)

Independent Set

fraciso (5)

Graph Isomorphism

MAS-Solver (5)

Feedback Edge/Vertex Set

point-location (5)

Point Location

rdp (5)

Simplifying Polygons

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